Children have an opportunity to grieve the loss in their family and develop appropriate coping skills for life. The process involves weekly meetings with a trained Facilitator in small groups of no more than five children. Over 100,000 Canadian children are affected each year by divorce, separation or death in their families. Often confused and angry, these young people reveal their pain by acting out in inappropriate behaviour or withdrawing in unhealthy ways. Rainbows offers a proactive solution to this dilemma!

*Contact Barrhead FCSS to learn more about the Rainbows program and what groups are currently available for your child to participate in.
Rainbows is an international bereavement support program designed to support families experiencing significant loss or painful transition. Rainbows is effective for helping children cope with life-altering loss or crisis such as family separation, death, divorce or foster care placement. The age-appropriate curriculum helps build the confidence and self-esteem of vulnerable children during a difficult time. The safe supportive environment of Rainbows helps children gain lifelong coping skills to deal with their current reality and prepare for the future – “because it doesn’t have to hurt forever.”

The Rainbows program is facilitated by FCSS trained staff in partnership with our local schools.