The WECAN Food Basket Society believes in healthy food for all of Barrhead and the surrounding area.

WECAN connects individuals and families on limited and or fixed incomes, who are struggling at the end of each month to provide enough healthy food for their families, with a basket of fresh produce and frozen meat items. The Food Basket program is designed to replenish the refrigerator the third week of the month when food supplies and funds are in short supply. As the food order has been prepaid, members need only go to their community depot to pick up their order.

The WECAN program uses a pre-pay model (pay at the beginning of each month when money is available), purchases bulk wholesale food, uses community pop-up locations, and staffs these community locations with dedicated volunteers on delivery day. With a $5 membership fee, only $15 for fresh fruits and vegetables, and $20 for meat, it is an affordable option.

The program appeals to members on a variety of pensions or monthly pay periods and those with limited incomes As food often is the most flexible item in most household budgets, our food basket the third week of the month, is invaluable.

WECAN would like to remind members that: “Every member is responsible for picking up their food order on depot pick up day. If this is not possible, it is the member’s responsibility to make all necessary arrangements. Any food not picked up will be sold to other members or donated to a community group for distribution.”

Please contact the Barrhead FCSS office for more information and to register.